Around 65% of the professionals currently on the PGA Tour used to play collegiate golf in the US. Statistically, this makes college the best route by far to the PGA Tour. If you're looking to train and compete year round alongside the worlds best amateur golfers and under the watchful eye of an experienced coach, then collegiate golf is a great option.


The Academy is designed to support and showcase the UK's very best young amateur golfers as they look to secure their place at college in the US. With over 10 years of experience working with elite junior golfers as well as first hand experience of studying and competing at college in the US, we're able to offer a comprehensive service from start to finish. 

The decision to become a student-athlete in the US is not one to be taken lightly. Those 4-5 years really do shape the person and player that you'll become and so the correct choice of college cannot be stressed enough. Our diligent and rigorous preparation process is designed to ensure that athletes within the Academy are as ready as they can be for what lies ahead. Please see below for more details.



Before deciding if a golfer is eligible for the Academy, we want to ensure they know exactly what to expect. This involves being totally transparent and giving you all of the facts. We've drawn upon the experience of multiple collegiate athletes, both past and present to help provide a detailed account of what to expect - the good and the bad. This handout also includes all the information you would need to decide on the best way forward including, costs, NCAA divisions and requirements and also available scholarships and how these work.


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