The Wave - Partnership

"We're very pleased to become an affiliate partner of The Wave and help spread the word about this incredible facility. It will be somewhere that we visit on a regular basis over as it allows us to check in with the surfers we manage and support all year round. We were there the day it re-opened following lockdown and the quality of waves produced is just unreal" explains MAG Founder, Freddie.

"Our client George Carpenter is currently training for next years Men's Qualifying Series as well as gunning for a spot in the 2024 Olympic team, so he relies heavily on consistent swells to train in. British surfers compared to those in Spain, France or further afield have always been at a disadvantage when it comes to having consistently good conditions to practice in year round. What The Wave offers George and other talented young surfers is so exciting for the future of British surfing. That's why we're delighted to be doing our bit to help promote it in anyway we can!".

More About The Wave

The Wave opened its doors in Autumn 2019 and offers safe waves, all year round. Its 180 metre surfing lake has three different wave breaks, which make it ideal for everyone - from a child stepping on a board for the first time, to a professional training for the Olympics. The Wave brings surfing, nature and a fresh way of thinking, to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

It's the first inland surfing venue in the northern hemisphere to use Wavegarden Cove technology, providing up to 1,000 waves of varying sizes and shapes an hour. Every aspect of the surfing experience has been designed to ensure that surfing really is fun for all, whatever your ability.

The surfing lake is at its heart, but The Wave is not just about surfing. It’s about sharing incredible experiences, getting back to nature, improving health and wellbeing and having a shedload of fun. As well as the surfing lake, there’s a Clubhouse serving delicious food and drinks and a brilliant surf shop. As the site develops it will also offer beautiful gardens, meadowland, woodland and family-friendly camping, opening in spring 2020.

The Wave in numbers:

●  A £25 million project.

●  9 years in the making.

●  The 75 acre site includes a 180m surfing lake, Clubhouse, surf shop, cafe and bar, gardens, woodland and meadowland.

●  25 safari tents opening next spring.

●  16,000 trees and 570m of new hedgerow will be planted on the site, along with 13.5 acres of wildflower meadowland.

●  The Wavegarden Cove technology, powering The Wave, has the ability to produce up to 1.000 waves an hour - around a wave every 10 seconds.

●  Wave heights start at 50cm and peak at 1.8m.

●  26 million litres of water fill the lake.

●  To date, The Wave has created over 90 jobs.

●  One further site, The Wave London, is planned for Lee Valley Regional Park in 2023.

The Wave is located in a beautiful rural site on the edge of Bristol, close to the M5. It will be open year-round and a one-hour surf will cost from £40 for an adult and £30 for a child, depending on the time of year and day of the week. A 1.5 hour surf session with coaching costs £55 for an adult and £45 for a child. All prices include everything you need, including a wetsuit, wetsuit boots and surfboards. There are dedicated areas of the lake for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers.

To find out more about The Wave and to book tickets, visit:

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