The Launch of MAG Surf

Today marks a really exciting day for the business as the Momentum Athlete Group officially enters the world of surf management. We're thrilled to announce that we have signed Cornish based, George Carpenter as the first of many surfers and will be working alongside George as he continues his pursuit of the WSL and 2024 GB Olympics team.

Surfing is something that MAG Founder, Freddie Russell and his brother Charlie have always been passionate about. "My background is professional golf so I've always been acutely aware of the challenges faced at the early stages of a golfers professional career" explains Freddie. "After speaking to a number of people in the surfing industry it became apparent that the young athletes making the transition into professional surfing are faced with exactly the same barriers as those starting out as professional golfers. Expensive qualifying tours, massive travel expenses and huge equipment costs to name just a few".

"To give themselves the opportunity to compete these young athletes are expected to know how to network, market themselves, fundraise and negotiate with companies. It's crazy! Athletes in their prime should be able to put everything they have into their sport, not into running the equivalent of a small business!".

"We spoke to a lot of surfers about management but wanted to ensure that we could focus all of our efforts on one surfer before expanding - especially given the current uncertainty around events and competing internationally. I'm thrilled that George will be the first surfer to join the Momentum Group. He's clearly extremely talented but he's also really enthusiastic about what he does and how he does it. He's also set himself a lot of exciting but realistic goals for 2020/21. It will be a pleasure to work alongside him whilst supporting his rapid progress towards the WSL".

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