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The Momentum Athlete Group is proud to announce the Academy, a brand new platform designed to help bridge the gap between elite amateur and professional golfer. One of the biggest decisions an elite junior golfer must overcome is whether or not to further their education at a college in the US. These 4+ years really do shape the player you will become and so attending a college that perfectly matches your academic, athletic and personal requirements is essential.

“The decisions made between the age of 15-21 are absolutely critical in a young athletes career” explains MAG Founder, Freddie Russell. “Unfortunately, there are still 33% of student-athletes dropping out prior to graduation. This is due to all sorts of different reasons, but one that we hear a lot is that they struggle to adapt because it just wasn’t what they expected. That comes down simply to a lack of preparation or a mismatch with the student and college, or both!

The measures we’ve put in place and the way in which we work with those in the Academy are designed to ensure that talented young golfers in the UK don’t end up in that 33%. This comes down to ensuring firstly that they’ve got the right mindset for college. We place a massive emphasis on getting to know each golfer and working out what makes them tick. We also place an equal emphasis on fully preparing each golfer for what to expect prior to even joining the Academy. It’s only fair that you have all of the facts in front of you before making such a big decision.

Finally, we’ll be working closely with both golfer and parent to guide and support them with each step of what can sometimes be a pretty alien application process. There’s a lot of boxes to tick, red tape to negotiate and new terminology to get your head round. Like with the management of our professionals, we want to ensure that our clients are able to focus on what matters most. For those in the Academy that’s academics as well as golf. There’s a lot going on between the age of 15-18 and the run up to college, so our hands on approach is designed to alleviate some of that stress.

We’re all excited to be offering our expertise in this area as it’s something myself and the team are really passionate about. As the lockdown starts to lift we can finally get out on the road and we look forward to spending the next 3 months or so traveling around the UK and meeting some really talented individuals”.

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