Play the Pros Update

It's been great to see our Play the Pros initiative develop as lockdown continues to ease. Play the Pros was initially designed as a way for our players to grow their following and network by simply playing a friendly round of golf with more people. No Pro Am pressure or expensive entries, just a simple round of golf.

We've seen golfers across England enjoying a round of golf with our tour professionals at some fantastic venues such as Woburn, The Grove and Royal Cinque Ports. Often these have been members who have always wanted to play with a tour professional, but haven't had the opportunity to do so in such a relaxed environment.

With more clubs opening their doors to visitors and guests across England and Scotland, we're expecting to see more of our players continue to showcase their skills to a new audience. We currently have players located in Sussex, Essex, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, Edinburgh and Falkirk.

These players are already attached to some fantastic courses including Brocket Hall, Gleneagles and Craigielaw to name a few. But they’re also surrounded by some of the countries finest golf courses - Woburn, The Grove, Royal St Georges, The Belfry, St Andrews…the possibilities are endless!

If you’d like to add something new to your usual midweek round or would like to entertain a few colleagues or clients, please get in touch and we’ll arrange the entire day on your behalf. All that we ask is that you cover your green fee. Due to the nature of this offer, limited slots are available.

Please contact to book your round.

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